Mixed media workshop with Greg Kerr

In April I was lucky enough to attend a four day mixed media workshop with Greg Kerr. He came to Stanford, the village where I live in the Western Cape and once again thrilled us with his style of teaching. He has the ability to change one’s head space totally, enabling one to delve into levels of creativity never before explored. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and, while the subject of FOOD isn’t really my “thing”, once again it’s the whole creative process that sweeps one along for the exquisite journey.

Chicken feet
Locusts and Goggas









These are two images that I managed to complete. Finding food generally quite boring I chose as my subject African food.



Experimenting with collages

In the past couple of months I’ve been experimenting with collages. I’ve never done them before so it’s really a hit and miss affair.  I started with this one in my sketchbook: basically I just cut out shapes that came to mind using pages from an old Readers Digest book. The image developed on its own and when I was tired of all the glue I started drawing little bits in the background.

 Then came this one. I covered some paper in random colours, then on separate pieces of paper I painted different coloured designs. I cut these up and reassembled them into the birds and butterfly on the background.


The most recent collage is this one called “Everyone needs a Launching Pad”.  The background was painted, sploshed and textured with whatever I could find – the paint is gouache. The little donkey was cut out of a page of Readers Digest and the pig was cut out of a disaster pastel that was eventually abandoned. The wings also come from another abandoned drawing. I’m sure there’ll be more to come!